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Maxwell’s FormoStar: Well Being and Weight Loss

‘FormoStar … lose weight, increase energy, reduce cellulite, burn calories; all in 50-minutes!’

In just 50-minutes, the FormoStar infrared body wrap system burns up to 1,200 calories – equivalent to a 9 -14 kilometer run – whilst you’re comfortably lying down in our luxurious salon! You receive slimming and body contouring benefits, without the pain of strenuous exercise – it’s the most relaxing way to lose weight, imaginable!

To reshape your body, without the need for harsh diets or invasive surgery, the FormoStar uses far infrared energy heat – the identical type of energy that your body naturally absorbs from the sun. Simply put, the heat speeds up your body’s metabolism, eliminating toxins and burning fat – to reduce inches, fast.

‘FormoStar … removes fat without diet or surgery, reduces the appearance of cellulite, increases energy levels, reshapes areas of the body, reduces post-pregnancy / menstrual menopause type symptoms.’


The treatment is straightforward, effective and completely non-invasive. It requires 6 silicone ‘pads’ to be wrapped around parts of your body, whilst you’re lying on a comfortable massage table. You can target ‘problem’ areas (e.g. thighs, arms), select the heat levels – or, simply lie down – relax – and let us do the rest. Of course, the weight loss benefits of Formostar are maximised as part of a balanced programme of exercise and diet. This weight loss comes through sweating and the energy required to produce the sweat, and also through the direct excretion of fat

In addition to losing weight, far infrared energy heat can increase energy levels, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin (e.g. reducing the appearance of scars, stretch-marks, etc.). It’s also a soothing, drug-free way to achieve effective, temporary pain relief from many medical and sports related aches-n-pains.



It wasn't just the weight loss which delighted me, the lower back pain I had endured for 22 years was gone, my skin looked great, and I felt more energy thanks to Formostar's detoxification effects. I'm almost 20 sessions along now and continue to lose wright and enjoy the healthy feeling of wellbeing I get from Formostar wraps.

– K McCauley