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  • Face and Body Waxing

    Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal whereby the hair is physically pulled from the follicle. In doing so the bulb experiences trauma, inhibiting nourishment to the newly forming hair and over time resulting in fewer and finer hairs regrowing.

    Our therapists are trained to remove unwanted hair as gently and pain-free as possible. We wax all areas of the body including the back, legs, arms, face and eyebrows. We also specialise in gentle but thorough Brazilian waxing.
    We recommend our clients do not pluck stray hairs between waxing treatments as it encourages increased blood supply to the single follicle, allowing the body to repair the injury. Prolonged tweezing can increase the volume, density and texture of the hairs.

    To avoid ingrown hairs, it is very important to exfoliate and moisturise between your treatments. This prevents dead skin cells 'sealing' the hair follicle, allowing the new hair to emerge without irritation. We have formulated a range of highly effective body products that help prevent ingrown hairs, SHOP HERE.

    We use high quality Caronlab strip wax and hot wax and our wax is never recycled.
    All waxing treatments include a calming and soothing treatment.


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