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At Maxwell’s Skin and Body we pride ourselves on performing the most thorough pimple, congestion, milia and blackhead removal on the Gold Coast. With years’ of expert training, the technique used by our facial therapists goes beyond what you will experience in most salons that use a harsh metal tool to forcefully press the debris from your skin often leaving it red, inflamed and even bruised.

Our gentle yet thorough pore extraction method involves cleansing the skin, applying steam to soften the skin and pore blockages followed by a gentle exfoliation using manual techniques or an enzyme, glycolic or alpha hydroxyl peel to loosen clogged pores. Once your skin, blackheads and milia are softened and prepared we commence manual extraction.

We loosen particularly dense or large blackheads and blockages with a very fine medical grade needle and using a technique perfected over decades, we delicately press the debris from the pore. Examining it under a magnified light we ensure all impurities are removed right to the base of the pore preventing reoccurrence and infection.

Extractions are performed free of charge in all Maxwell’s Skin and Body facial treatments. If you feel you have a lot of congestion, blackheads, milia or pimples we recommend Maxwell’s Deep Pore Cleansing Facial which focusses specifically on clearing the skin of impurities.

If you would like to know more, we offer a free skin analysis to all new clients, simply call the salon on 07 5591 1744 or email us to find out more

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