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Maxwell’s FormoStar: Sports recovery

‘FormoStar … increase energy, enhance muscle definition, recover faster; all in 50-minutes!’

For professional and amateur sports / fitness enthusiasts, the FormoStar infrared body wrap system is an effective, drug-free way to increase muscle-tone, reduce fatigue, lose weight and recover more quickly from minor injuries. Over the course of a 50-minute session, it also burns more calories than the equivalent time on a rowing machine or running 9 kilometers.

Suitable for men and women, the FormoStar uses far infrared energy heat – the identical type of energy that your body naturally absorbs from the sun. The heat accelerates your metabolism: stimulating blood circulation, speeding up the recovery & healing process.


‘FormoStar … stimulates the metabolism; reduces sports recovery times; alleviates painful muscle fatigue; re-shapes areas of the body; and improves cardio-vascular performance.’

The application of heat to certain muscle groups, can help althetes and bodybuilders to reduce their ‘downtime’ and stretch more safely. Sports enthusiasts (professional or amateur) can maintain cardiovascular conditioning, and even target their individual ‘problem’ areas (e.g. legs, arms), using Formostar to:

  • enhance muscle tone
  • detoxify
  • shape areas of the body
  • achieve enhanced muscle definition.

In addition to this, far infrared energy heat is a drug-free way to achieve effective, temporary pain relief from sports related aches and pains. The sweating this process induces is essential to overall health and well being; it’s a sign that your heart is getting the exercise it needs.



It wasn't just the weight loss which delighted me, the lower back pain I had endured for 22 years was gone, my skin looked great, and I felt more energy thanks to Formostar's detoxification effects. I'm almost 20 sessions along now and continue to lose wright and enjoy the healthy feeling of wellbeing I get from Formostar wraps.

– K McCauley