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1. “Natural” and “Organic” are not necessarily the best option when it comes to your skin.

Natural skincare products are often packed full of unnecessary oils which clog pores and cause blackheads, milia and pimples. Furthermore, short of offering a temporary protective barrier for your skin, these oils aren’t providing any long term hydration or anti-ageing benefit to your skin. They’re also more likely to oxidise and spoil faster, reducing any efficacy and ultimately causing more harm than good. You are far better off opting for skincare that contains ingredients that are proven to enhance your skin type and support hydration.

2. Your products might smell nice, but did you know the fragrance in your skincare and cosmetics can be highly irritating to your skin?

Irritated skin can break out in a rash, cause blemishes, redness, sensitivity and inflammation all of which lead to premature ageing. Opt for naturally occurring fragrances from refined essential oils or if in doubt, choose fragrance free skincare and cosmetics. Fragrance in skincare, cosmetics (and hair care) is nothing more than an unnecessary marketing tool.

3. Plucking those stray hairs makes them grow back thicker and stronger.

Noooo!! We hear you cry, but yes, it’s true. When you pluck a hair, you’re encouraging the body’s natural healing mechanism; blood flow is concentrated to the isolated area to repair the trauma and stimulates the growth of hair. A study conducted by the University of California showed that “plucking hair at different densities leads to a regeneration of up to five times more neighbouring, unplucked resting hairs”! (Chen, Chih-Chiang et al., 2015). The solution? Waxing broadens the area of trauma, lessening the impact of the body’s natural repair process, otherwise IPL is very effective on larger areas and electrolysis offers permanent hair removal in smaller areas.

4. Over cleansed, squeaky clean skin can cause more harm than good.

While it’s important to double-cleanse morning and night (or physical activity that causes you to sweat), to lift and remove body oils, skin debris and product you must avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils which can compromise the lipid barrier and leave your skin susceptible to irritation and dehydration. If your skin feels tight and taught after cleansing, it might be time to change your cleanser.

Speaking of cleansing, it’s time to throw away your cleansing wipes.

The ingredients used in them are too harsh for most skin types and they often contain alcohol which is very drying. Makeup wipes often ineffective at removing all impurities such as body oils and dead skin build-up, the fabric they are made from is too harsh for most skin types and if you’re not rinsing your face afterwards, you’re merely spreading bacteria and germs over your face.

6. Frequency of exfoliation is the one thing 99% of our clients get wrong.

Not exfoliating enough will lead to blocked pores and cause your skin to look dull while over exfoliation will cause a depletion in the lip barrier, irritation, redness and pimples. We recommend exfoliating once or twice per week using either an enzyme based non-granular exfoliant or a fine manual scrub. Avoid harsh scrubs containing crushed seeds, apricot kernels etc. that will cause microscopic scratches rather than buffing away dead skin.

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