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Massage, Scrubs And Wraps

Spa Body Therapy

Signature Body Massage

A professional body massage does wonders for reducing stress, relieving tension – both physical and mental, eliminating the build up of negative effects of everyday stress. Relax while our massage therapist experts restore equilibrium and balance to the entire body. Every cell in your body will be revived and you will emerge from your treatment completely relaxed and revitalised.

Our massage services can be combined with any of our professional Spa Body Therapy treatments to allow you to select your own customised program

Hot Stone Massage

Our specialty hot stone massage uses smooth, heated volcanic stones as an extension of their hands. The warmth of the stones is deeply relaxing and helps to release tight muscles, while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, and calming the nervous system. You will feel like you have left earth and gone to heaven.

Pregnancy Massage

We love to care for pregnant women during this special time. Pregnancy massage helps you take valuable time out for yourself and connect with your body and your growing baby. It reduces swollen painful legs and feet, muscle cramps and back pain and calms the nervous system, aiding comfortable sleep. We use a specially designed memory foam massage cushion to allow you to lie face down no matter what size your tummy has blossomed to.

Red Wine Anti-Ageing Body Massage / Exfoliation

If you are feeling tired, tense or stressed, treat yourself to this exfoliating self-indulgent experience.
The benefits of this massage include:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Relaxed muscles
  • The exfoliation clears the pores and removes dead skin cells

This treatment eliminates fatigue and leaves you feeling energised and your skin radiant.

Silkening Body Polish

A truly invigorating experience to aid in the elimination of toxins, smooth and polish the skin, improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage, re-mineralise and nourish the skin.


The FormoStar infrared body wrap system is a fast, effective and uniquely relaxing way to burn calories, relieve pain, increase energy and rejuvenate the body. In Just 50 minutes, each session burns up to 1200 calories – equivalent to 9¼ km run whilst you are lying down in complete comfort in our salon. You can have the treatment while reading a book, catching up on work or just relax and listen to music.

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