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Specialised Skin Therapy

Specialised Skin Treatments

High Performance Signature Facial

Your skin is resurfaced, hydrated, brightened and firmed. This includes a complementary eye treatment.
This is Maxwell’s most popular customised facial that addresses your individual skin concerns; our clients often say it’s the best facial they have ever had!

This procedure includes an advanced exfoliation technique to cut away dead cells, extractions are performed on clogged pores and milia are removed to purify the pores, preparing the skin for the infusion of our latest scientifically proven treatment serums. A relaxing face, neck, scalp and shoulder massage will increase circulation and tone facial contours. A truly sensational facial that leaves your skin revitalised and glowing, and soothes tired eyes.

Deep Pore Cleaning Facial

This facial is specifically designed to clear skin of congestion and blemishes, leaving a smooth, purified surface. This treatment is adjusted according to your unique needs, and includes removal of milia and deep comedomes all performed by our experienced therapists to ensure there is no damage to the skin.

Peptide and Vitamin C Firming Facial

A stimulating treatment which will instantly lift, firm and redefine the skin. Infused with enzymes to clear waste from clogged pores and hydrate deep into the layers of the skin, stimulating blood flow. Assists in clearing blemishes, lifts pigment for rapid brightening and reveals healthy colour and tone. Smooths surface lines and dramatically firms facial contours over time.

LED Facial

LED is a non-invasive light therapy treatment that exposes your skin to potent light energy, which is then absorbed into the skins surface at various depths to stimulate reactions within the skin. This renews the skin through promoting cellular growth, collagen firmness, repairs sun damage / pigmentation and gives you a healthy, youthful glow. A series of treatments will give you maximum results.

Men’s Customised Facial

Designed to deeply cleanse the skin and soften bearded area for ease of shaving, this really is a facial treatment created specifically for men. As well as the neck, shoulder and scalp massage, a specialised hydrating masque will leave skin looking and feeling brighter, clearer and softer than ever before.

Teen Clean Facial (12 – 18 years)

Using Maxwell’s specialised range of healing products, this treatment focuses on acne-prone congested skin and consists of deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliating and balancing the skin. Our clinical extractions clean out all congestion including removal of comedomes. Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. A preparation treatment before extractions will ensure there is no trauma to the skin.

With an emphasis on education, we will explain the importance of correct skincare, guaranteeing beautiful skin for life. It may take a series of specific treatments to correct the skin.

Back Facial

This is a thoroughly intensive treatment which exfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes the skin on the back of the body. (Extractions are performed if necessary).

Rapid Renewal Facial

This is a combination of advanced restorative treatments. We perform a physical and chemical exfoliation which assists to remove vellous hair, light surface wrinkling, improve skin texture, lighten uneven hyper-pigmented skin, for a more even skin tone, unblock congested pores making them appear smaller, and assist with product absorption. Finishing with a treatment serum and mask under Led light to promote collagen. Your skin will Glow !

This is an ideal monthly maintenance facial.

Treatment Boosters

These powerful boosters can be added on to most facials to enhance the visible effects of our treatments. Your therapist can advise which would be most suited to your skin. Please be aware all of these service fees are additional to your booked treatment.

  • LED
  • Advanced AHA / BHA Peel
  • Enzyme Peel
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