Our Specialties

  • Acne Prone and Clogged Pores

    A major concern for many clients are pores congested with blackheads, whiteheads, milia, pimples and/or acne; at Maxwell's Skin and Body we consider congestion and problematic skin to be one of our specialities. 

    We recommend clients with clogged and problematic skin treat the visible symptoms with a Maxwell's customised facial. We will purify the skin destroying any bacteria present, perform extractions to remove pimples, build up, sebum and debris from the pores, calm redness and inflammation then hydrate the skin.

    When we treat clients suffering from congested skin and/or acne, it is as important to get to the root of the problem as it is to treat the visible symptoms. Time and again we see clients who are using skincare and makeup products that are making their skin condition worse, if not causing it entirely. We encourage you to bring your skincare and cosmetics to your appointment to allow us to analyse the products you are using and identify those with ingredients known to be clogging, comedogenic and/or irritating. We will also discuss other known contributors to congestion and acne including gut health, diet, hydration, stress, lifestyle and hereditary conditions. 

    A clear skin is smooth, healthy skin!

  • Ageing and Damaged Skin

    Most of us are concerned about limiting the signs of ageing skin which may also include uneven colour and pigmentation. At Maxwell’s Skin and Body we will design a practical skincare program that uses the latest technology including IPL and peels along with the most up-to-date take-home products containing highly active anti-ageing ingredients to address your concerns about sun spots, pigmentation, lines and elasticity. It is our goal to keep your skin looking firmer, smoother, clearer and more youthful.

  • Sensitive Skin and Rosacea-Prone Skin

    Sensitive skin affects millions of people, and the bottom line to sensitivity is inflammation and redness. Many of our clients suffer from Rosacea and we offer treatment options that effectively keep it under control. At Maxwell’s Skin and Body we will determine what is causing your skin sensitivity and use non-irritating active ingredients to remodel, repair and calm your skin in a way that will promote healing so that optimum skin health is restored.