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Maxwells Skin & Body Clinic Hair Removal have 3 options for you:

Waxing,  IPL and Electrolysis

Let’s talk about the 5 benefits of waxing

  1. Long-lasting Results: Waxing removes hair from the root, which means it takes longer to grow back compared to superficial hair removal methods like shaving.
  2. Smooth Skin: By removing hair from the root, the skin feels smooth and soft to the touch, without the roughness that shaving can leave behind.
  3. Reduced Ingrown Hairs: Waxing can help prevent ingrown hairs by removing hair from the root and gently exfoliating the skin during the process.
  4. Natural Exfoliation: When wax is removed, it also takes away dead skin cells, providing gentle exfoliation and helping to keep the skin fresh and renewed.
  5. Clearer Skin: Waxing can help clarify the skin by removing hair and dead skin cells, which can make the skin look brighter and more even.

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Article written by Melissa Carranza.

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