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Maxwell's Formostar

‘FormoStar … lose weight, detoxify, reduce pain, rejuvenate; all in 50-minutes!’

The FormoStar infrared body wrap system is a fast, effective and uniquely relaxing way to burn calories, relieve pain, increase energy - and much, much more. In just 50-minutes, each session burns up to 1,200 calories – equivalent to a 9 -14 kilometer run – whilst you’re lying down in complete comfort, reading a book or listening to music!

‘Convenient, all-inclusive 1-hour sessions from just $95 AUD per hour’

To re-shape your body – e.g. reducing fat, increasing muscle-tone and smoothing cellulite – the FormoStar uses far infrared energy heat – the identical type of energy that your body naturally absorbs from the sun. Simply put, the heat accelerates your metabolism, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating toxins and burning fat – fast.

‘FormoStar … Weight loss, detoxification, cellulite reduction and slimming’

The treatment is straightforward, effective and completely non-invasive. It requires 6 silicone ‘pads’ to be wrapped around parts of your body, whilst you’re lying on a comfortable massage table – it’s that simple! Men and women can target ‘problem’ areas (e.g. thighs, arms), select the heat levels – or, simply lie down – relax – and let us do the rest.



‘FormoStar … Pain relief, body shaping, improved mobility, and increased energy’

The FormoStar infrared body wrap system is a tried-and-tested product, based upon world-renowned German engineering, with over 5 million treatments in 25,000 locations. Originally developed for pain relief from arthritis, it’s also used extensively for weight loss, detoxification, sports recovery and general well-being.

‘Convenient, all-inclusive 1-hour sessions from just $95 AUD per hour’

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When the stress and strain of a physically demanding day becomes all too much I have a massage and then a wrap and I am once again ready to meet the challenges the next day.

– John Potts