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Enhanced Eye Treatment

  • Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

    Colouring the eyelashes and eyebrows with a natural dye to enhance the eye area. We use the latest technique to cover those grey stubborn hairs which will prolong the life of your tint.

  • Eyelash Lifts and Perming

    Curled lashes open the eyes, making them appear larger and more youthful. Make those eyes pop with our eyelash lift giving your natural lashes a beautiful curl that lasts up to six weeks.

    You may know the procedure as an eyelash lift or an eyelash perm, they are the same procedure however the shape and size of the roller or guide differs. We will select a roller that will best suit your natural lashes and complement your eye shape.

    During the procedure, we apply a nourishing solution to your eyelashes before wrapping them around the roller and applying a gentle, non-damaging perm solution to the upturned lash. The hair follicle swells, stretches and softens, moulding to the shape of the roller. We then apply the perming neutraliser to set the shape of the lash to be beautifully upturned and curled.

    For a more dramatic effect, we recommend tinting the lashes darker and using an eyelash growth serum to stimulate your own natural lashes to become longer and thicker.