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18 Oct, 2018

Official Stockist: The Beauty Chef

More and more research is emerging highlighting how the different elements of our body function together, and it only makes sense that whatever we choose to fuel our body has a significant impact on our skin, energy levels, mood and general well-being.

Good digestive health is the key to good overall health and radiant skin and if you want naturally clear, glowing skin on the outside, you need to be healthy on the inside, starting with your gut. This is because the gut and the immune system are intricately linked — around 70 per cent of the body’s immune tissue is located in the digestive system, making it the body’s first line of defence against harmful toxins, bacteria and diseases.

Our client's understand how committed the Maxwell's team is to providing them not only healthy, glowing skin, but overall good health and when it came to stocking an ingestible skin and well-being solution we searched high and low for a product that met our stringent expectations. We found The Beauty Chef at a recent trade show in Sydney and immediately liked what we saw. When we returned to the Gold Coast we tried the product for ourselves, undertook further research, obtained the opinion of our trusted naturopath and health specialists and decided that The Beauty Chef was indeed something we could happily and confidently recommend to our clients. 

We now stock the full range of The Beauty Chef internal beauty products and are excited to be hearing wonderful feedback from our clients already.

We are holding a VIP night in our Main Beach beauty salon on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. We will have The Beauty Chef experts available to provide one-on-one consultations as well as delicious recipes to try with your Beauty Chef powders and boosters.

If you would like to be a part of this exclusive event, please contact us via email or by phone 07 5591 1744 to confirm your place.

The Beauty Chef Glow

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